What is the Cost of Six Sigma Certification in Delhi-NCR?

How Much Does it Cost To Get Six Sigma Certified in Delhi-NCR?

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  1. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training & Certification – Rs 16,500 per participant
  2. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training & Certification – Rs 22,000 per participant
  3. Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Training & Certification – Rs 42,000 per participant

If you are considering getting Six Sigma Certification in Delhi-NCR, or how to become Six Sigma certified, along with the questions such as how much is Six Sigma Certification salary, another important question in your mind must be about Six Sigma Certification cost in Delhi-NCR.


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Best Six Sigma Green Belt Training in M. G. Road Best Six Sigma Green Belt Training in M. G. Road
Best Six Sigma Green Belt Training in M. G. Road Best Six Sigma Green Belt Training in M. G. Road
Best Six Sigma Green Belt Training in M. G. Road
Six Sigma Green Belt Training in M. G. Road Six Sigma Green Belt Training in M. G. Road
Six Sigma Green Belt Training in M. G. Road Six Sigma Green Belt Training in M. G. Road

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You can have a brief introduction to all of your questions with the help of a 6 Sigma training online free, in other words, a free Six Sigma White Belt Certification training.

Also, in this article, we are going to explain Six Sigma certification cost in a detailed way.

We can easily say that Six Sigma certification cost has different aspects. One of the main aspects of the Six Sigma Certification cost is the exam fee and the other aspect is the cost of the training.

Let’s learn what Six Sigma Certification cost is all about!

How Much White Belt Six Sigma Certification Cost in Delhi-NCR?

The Six Sigma White Belt Certification is a great place to start for individuals who are just starting out on their Six Sigma journey. An individual who has earned their White Belt has demonstrated an understanding of the basic levels of Six Sigma, including history, structure, and practice.

Six Sigma White Belt Certification is FREE of cost. Get your Certificate here.

How Much Yellow Belt Six Sigma Certification Cost in Delhi-NCR?

Although you don’t have to be a White Belt before you’re a Yellow Belt, or even be a Yellow Belt before you’re a Green Belt, the certification is a handy indicator of your progress in Six Sigma.

The Yellow Belt would be the next step up from the White Belt and signifies that you are well-versed in the foundational elements of the Six Sigma methodology.

So how is the Yellow Belt different from the White Belt?

A Yellow Belt signifies an individual who participates in improvement projects led by Green or Black Belts. Essentially, a Yellow Belt is a team member who is used to improve projects or even leads limited projects themselves.

While a White Belt has probably never participated in an improvement project before, a Yellow Belt knows their way around a project team.

This distinction can also help to set you apart from the workforce as someone who can participate in improvement projects.

Chances are higher that you’ll be selected to be part of an improvement project and gain more experience when holding this certification.

The ASQ recommends entry-level employees interested in supporting projects or assisting in data collection, analysis, and/or process management obtain this certification.

It is also recommended for company higher-ups who would benefit from a survey of the core concepts of the Six Sigma methodology.

The cost of sitting for the Yellow Belt exam varies depending on the organization you use. It is $195 USD for a certification through the IASSC.

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How Much Green Belt Six Sigma Certification Cost in Delhi-NCR?

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training & Certification – Rs 16,500 per participant

A Green Belt Certification is the level that begins to distinguish someone with Six Sigma knowledge (a Yellow Belt) from someone who can lead Six Sigma projects within an organization.

Green Belts can identify problems and their solutions in a company and leading projects that center around these process improvements.

Having this distinction in the job market will give you an enormous edge over your competition; after all, Green Belts possess the working knowledge of efficiency and process improvements that Six Sigma is most well known for.

Because of the higher level of experience that the Green Belt certification indicates, there are often qualifications or prerequisites before sitting for the exam.

The American Society for Quality (ASQ) has the following requirements for their Green Belt certification program:

  • Three years of full-time on-the-job experience, with pay, in one or more areas of the Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge
  • Prerequisite expectations:
  • Worked when supported or supervised by a Black Belt
  • Analyzed and solved quality problems
  • Completed projects involving quality improvements
  • Participated in a project without assuming a leadership role
  • Possesses the ability to demonstrate knowledge of Six Sigma tools and processes

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How Much Black Belt Six Sigma Certification Cost in Delhi-NCR?

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training & Certification – Rs 22,000 per participant

Six Sigma Black Belt certified professionals are normally the full-time change agents. They are technically expert individuals. For serious Six Sigma professionals, Black Belt is the standard to aspire to.

Black Belts are the leader of the Six Sigma implementation process on projects and at various companies.

They lead project teams, manage the process, and maintain strict accountability: both to themselves and those working underneath them on the project team to implement a Six Sigma vision.

Not only is it necessary to master the technical aspects of Six Sigma for Black Belt certification; clear and effective communication is also a must.

Once you obtain this level, you become a teacher, leader, and trainer in the company and to the key stakeholder.

As a Black Belt, you will define and manage project teams comprised of Green Belts and Yellow Belts as well as head organization-wide improvements. The role is enormous, challenging and rewarding, and it all begins with the certification.

The most stringent organization through which to obtain a Black Belt certification is the ASQ.

They require hopeful applicants to have completed two projects with signed affidavits: alternatively, at least one project, three years of full-time work experience, and a signed affidavit.

To sit for the exam, IASSC members must pay $438 and non-members must pay $538.

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Which Six Sigma Certification is Right for You?

Determining which level of Six Sigma certification is right for you is ultimately a personal choice. Many factors can influence your decision, including professional career goals, the goals of your current organization and the industry you work in (or hope to work in).

In short, the White Belt and Yellow Belt certifications are a great crash course for any member of a company. They signify a knowledge of the basic components of Six Sigma and aren’t too involved.

Individuals working to lead projects and create change in their organizations would do well to obtain a Green Belt or Black Belt certification.

Not only will the certification costs be well worth it in the long run, but these two certifications will also have an immense impact on career prospects both now and in the future.

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